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A personal emergency medical information code for people with dementia, disabilities, serious illness, dangerous jobs and the elderly.

Saving lives one scan at a time.

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About MiCode

MiCode stores your medical information and your contacts in a dynamic QR Code available in any language via any smartphone.

Carrying a digital MiCode can potentially save your life in emergency situations by ensuring that members of the public, caregivers and healthcare providers have critical information they need to make informed decisions about your care.

Want to find out more? Check out our introductory pitch deck for a comprehensive overview of MiCode.

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Why MiCode

Emergency Information

In medical emergencies, quick access to your medical information can be life-saving. Paramedics and healthcare providers can learn about allergies, conditions, medications, and emergency contacts from your MiCode.

Medical Alert

If you have critical health problems such as allergies or specific conditions, a MiCode can inform healthcare providers. For instance, it can indicate severe allergies.

Prescription Info

MiCode can include your medication details, helping you manage your medicines correctly.

Emergency Contacts

It contains your emergency contacts for situations when you can't communicate.

Insurance Info

Your health insurance details are on it, essential for medical services and claims.

Allergies and Reactions

MiCode highlights severe allergies to prevent dangerous reactions.

Chronic Conditions

MiCode shares important information about chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Implantable Devices

If you have devices like pacemakers, it alerts healthcare providers to avoid interference.

Blood Type and History

Crucial for injuries or blood transfusions.

Donor Cards

Blood and organ donor cards show your willingness to help others. This information can be stored on your MiCode.

Special Instructions

MiCode can contain your healthcare directives or preferences.

Travel and Vaccination

For international travellers, it can prove vaccinations and translate medical info into different languages.

Emergency Procedures

It can authorize specific medical procedures or treatments recommended by your healthcare provider.

Medications and Interactions

For those taking multiple medications, it provides a clear reference to avoid harmful drug interactions.

MiCode in Action

Find out more on how MiCode can be used in emergencies and everyday situations below:

About MiCode
Grandma Marry Dementia
Jake Dementia
Sally Dementia
Young people with SEN

Creating Your MiCode

To create an effective MiCode, include personal details, medical history, family history, immunisations, reason for visit, vital signs (if available), diagnostic tests, provider notes, your signature and date, and privacy and consent information.

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MiCode Users

Many different people can benefit from carrying MiCode, depending on their health needs and situations:

Alzheimer's And Dementia

Alzheimer's disease causes people to lose their ability to recognize familiar places and faces.  It's common for a person living with dementia to wander or become lost or confused about their location, even in the early stage. Micode ensures that, even in moments of confusion or emergencies, your loved one's medical needs and contacts are readily available to caregivers or medical professionals.

People with Chronic Conditions

Those with ongoing health issues like diabetes, heart disease, or asthma can benefit from having a MiCode. It provides critical information about their conditions, medications, and emergency contacts in case of health problems.

The Elderly

Older adults with complex medical histories and multiple medications find MiCode useful for informed healthcare decisions.


Travellers carry MiCode with information about pre-existing conditions, allergies, vaccinations, and emergency contacts. MiCode is especially handy when travelling abroad and dealing with language barriers.

Medication Management

People taking multiple medications use MiCode to list medication names, dosages, and schedules to prevent errors and interactions.


Caregivers for people with complex medical needs carry MiCode for quick access to critical information during emergencies.

Parents and Guardians

Parents of children with medical conditions or allergies use MiCode to share vital health information, especially in school and daycare settings.

Legal Documents for Medical Decisions

Some individuals carry documents with healthcare preferences, advance directives, and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders to guide medical decisions in line with their wishes.

People with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities carry MiCode to communicate specific needs, such as accessible transportation or accommodations during travel.

Individuals with Implantable Devices

Those with devices like pacemakers or insulin pumps carry a MiCode indicating their presence and how they work.

Allergy Sufferers

Individuals with severe allergies to foods, medications, or other allergens benefit from having MiCode listing their allergies, ensuring prompt treatment if exposed accidentally.

MiCode Technology

MiCode is powerful due to real-time content updates, tracking and analytics, customization, multiple uses, security features, easy integration, responsive design, remote management, and adaptability. Language Location Date / time User profile and behaviour

MiCode smart technology allows you to adapt to:

  • Language
  • Location
  • Date/time
  • User profile and behaviour
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MiCode's come in any language of your choice:

About Us

MiCode Ltd. stands at the intersection of healthcare and technology, offering a suite of innovative products designed to ensure immediate access to medical information through QR code technology.

​ Our flagship offering, the MiCode QR system, is tailored for individuals, particularly those with critical health conditions, the elderly, and children, providing peace of mind for both users and their families.

​ At MiCode Ltd., we're committed to empowering individuals and improving healthcare outcomes with our user-centric digital solutions.

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our founders story

MiCode was established by Professor James Ohene-Djan.

At our core is a focus on sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity. These values and our lived experiences have helped guide our innovative approach to simplicity in healthcare solutions.

James, (Professor of Computer Science at Goldsmiths University), and his sister Louise, (Professor of Pharmacy Education at University College London) were long term carers of their brother, Tony, and mother, Betty. Their complicated needs meant there were touch points across the whole spectrum of the health and social work teams.

Driven by his problem solving and visionary mindset, James teamed with healthcare insiders to design simple solutions to address their complex problems.

Professor James Ohene-Djan
Tony Ohene-Djan
Professor Louise Brown (née Ohene-Djan)


Professor James Ohene-Djan
Founder and Technical Director
James is a luminary in the field of Internet technologies and digital ventures. With over 25 years of rich experience, he has been instrumental in the technical development and business creation aspects of digital solutions.
His notable entrepreneurial work includes the development of MiCode, as well as QR video solutions, WinkBall and Viewtalk. Professor Ohene-Djans expertise lies in blending cutting-edge technology with innovative business strategies, making significant contributions to the digital landscape.
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Richard Pockney
Director of Business Development
Richard has previously worked at UBS (1992-2008) where he was Head of European Healthcare trading, and he also had Portfolio Manager roles at Hedge Funds (OMG Capital/ Trium Capital from 2008-16).
In 2016 he enrolled at INSEAD where he gained the Certificate in Global Management. He Is one of the four original Founders of JustHooIt.com - a disruptor in the Hotel booking sector. Richard has a passion for Healthcare and products that help to improve patient's lives.
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Ben Wells
Senior Software Developer
Ben is renowned for his exceptional skills in user interface design and interactive systems. With a rich background in software engineering, he has been pivotal in developing intuitive and engaging user interfaces that enhance user experiences.
His proficiency lies in creating seamless, responsive designs that embody both functionality and aesthetics. Bens work in interactive systems is marked by innovative use of emerging technologies to ensure user-centricity and engagement.
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Gideon Carr
Senior Technical Director/Product Development Lead
Gideon Carr, is a seasoned technologist and Software Engineer. Renowned for his expertise in solving complex technical challenges, Gideon has been instrumental in steering the companies product design and development towards excellence.
His specialty lies in crafting detailed, software-based solutions that not only address intricate problems but also push the boundaries of digital innovation.
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Vlad Sushko
Senior Technical Director/Product Lead at MiCode
Vlad, is as Senior Technical Director and Product Lead with a meticulous approach to development technology. His expertise in both strategic leadership and hands-on programming skills, makes Vlad an invaluable asset to the team.
Vlads proficiency in various programming languages and development frameworks has greatly contributed to MiCode's innovative product solutions.
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Shan Siggers
Senior Manager
Shan is known for her strategic acumen and innovative approach in the technology sector. With over a decade of experience in tech management, Shan has been instrumental in development of MiCode and its drive for success.
Her expertise lies in project management, team leadership, and digital transformation, making her a pivotal figure in MiCode's evolution. A strong advocate for inclusive technology and user-centered design, Shans leadership has not only driven growth but also fostered a culture of creativity and excellence.
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For an annual subscription of just £12 you will recieve a bracelet, keyring, or pendant, and printed on cards and stickers, providing immediate details about your family member if they ever find themselves in an emergency.

clients and awards

In the health sector we are proud to have partnered with…

Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2022 Award Winner​ Excellence in the use of technology in pharmacy practice​

HSJ Patient Safety Congress 2022 Award Winner​ Effective Use of Technology

For Investors

MiCode offers a unique investment opportunity in the burgeoning health technology sector. This innovative QR code system provides instant access to vital medical and contact information during emergencies, adaptable to items like bracelets, keyrings, and stickers, making it an integral part of daily life.

Aimed at a diverse user base, including the elderly, individuals with conditions like dementia, and children, MiCode addresses a significant market need for safety and peace of mind. Its potential for widespread adoption across various demographics highlights its investment appeal.

Investing in MiCode means contributing to the future of health and safety technologies, where timely information can save lives. With a commitment to innovation, user privacy, and market expansion, MiCode is poised for substantial growth in the health tech industry.

For investment inquiries and to join us in this promising venture, reach out to our investment relations team at shan@micode.uk.

Full details of our investment proposition can be found below:

Embrace the opportunity to be part of MiCode's journey to enhance global emergency preparedness.


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