Ordering New MiCode

Please fill in the details you want people to know in case of an emergency below.

Essential MiCode Information
In the following sections, you can add all the important information needed so that you can be helped in emergency situations. All of the information you enter can be kept private by selecting ‘Need PIN’ to on.

You need to enter your full name, email and a password (You will use this email and password to login to your MiCode account). You can also enter your phone number, date of birth and address (optional).

In this section you can add the name, telephone and email of your emergency contact and next of kin. When your MiCode is scanned an email notification with your location will be sent to your emergency contact and next of kin. In this section you can also add details about Medications, Allergies, Medical Conditions and any other important information.

In this section, you can include details of your NHS number, donor status and blood group.

In this section, you can include insurance company name and telephone number and policy number. You can also include your details. (Note, if you wish to upload travel documents such as visas and plans, use the Files and Links section.)

The police, ambulance and fire services may have been issued with global pin numbers which can be used to access private information in an emergency. If you would like them to be able to access your information you can indicate it here.

These features are available after account activation.
This section enables you to upload important files that you wish to make available. These could include body scans, x-rays, travel information, medical instructions, instructional videos and even an audio file to play calming music.

This feature is available after account activation.
URL Links
This feature is available after account activation.

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